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Issue 1, Suspension in Rusia and India, NFTs start to go to the food industry, Problems with crypto carbon footprint

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General News

Russian Finance Ministry Amends Bill ‘On Digital Currency,’ Adds Crypto Mining Provisions – Mining Bitcoin News

Ministry of Finance has revised a draft law designed to regulate the country’s crypto space. Update includes provisions for cryptocurrency mining. The bill has been resubmitted to the government and may be adopted during the spring session. Russia’s Goverment aims to regulate instead of baning crypto activities.

HBAR Foundation Launches $250 Million Metaverse Fund to Entice Developers to Build on Hedera

HBAR foundation has announced the launch of a new Metaverse fund. The fund, which launches with $250 million, will entice builders and programmers to bring their metaverse products to the Hedera network. It will offer incentives for these experiences to be built using its infrastructures.

EU Bans High-Value Crypto Services to Russia in New Round of Sanctions

EU limits Russian Crypto Wallet Deposits to €10,000. New sanctions prohibit the provision of “high-value” crypto-asset services. EU measures also ban the sale of banknotes and transferrable securities denominated in euro or other currencies to Russia and Belarus.

Coinbase suspends crypto payment services days after India launch

Coinbase has stopped payment services through United Payments Interface (UPI) on its platform for Indian users. Co-founder of the Crypto India YouTube channel Aditya Singh tweeted: “Crypto India has also been facing payment service problems since 2018”.

The Biggest Crypto Effort to End Useless Carbon Offsets Is Backfiring

Crypto users account for more than a quarter of all carbon credits purchased by the world’s largest verifier of offsets. A project funded through offsets could, for example, support the building of renewable energy plant. The Dayingjiang-3 hydropower dam in China’s Yunnan province sold its first carbon credit in December.

The Global Restaurant Brand With The Million Dollar NFT Membership Club (Video)

As NFTs infiltrate every industry from art to music to real estate, it was only a matter of time before they broke into the food and hospitality sector.


Bancor Protocol Contracts v3.0 (Dawn Release)

Bancor is a decentralized trading and yield protocol. Supports instant token-to-token trades, single-sided liquidity provision, auto-compounding rewards and loss protection for any listed asset.

The Dawn release includes the following features:

  • Token to token trades
  • Instant IL protection
  • Single-sided Liquidity Provision
  • Omnipool
  • Infinity Pools
  • Auto-compounding Rewards
  • Dual Rewards
  • Third Party IL Protection
  • Composable Pool Tokens
  • Tokenomics Redesign *Flash Loans

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