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Why should I sponsor Cyphraium's Newsletter?

Sponsoring Cyphraium will let the crew work on better content and finding better ideas for this newsletter.

With your help Cyphraium will also be able to bring you functions that are only ideas at the launch of this site.

What do you get by doing a sponsorship?

You will get the following:

  • Put your product, service or jobs featured in the newsletter
  • A permanent backlink in the web version in the agreed issues

Backlinks will never leave this site, as they are an important part of this site, and a part of the content of the newsletter. Removing them after the relationship has been fulfilled would fell like striping the site of its content.

Sponsor rates

This fees puts your sponsored content for 2 weeks. There are 2 types of content. Products and Services, and Job Postings.

There are only 2 Product and Services advertising slots per newsletter, and 5 Job Postings per newsletter.

They are accomodated in two separate parts at the end of the newsletter. First comes Products and Services and after that Job Postings.

Products and Services70 usd
Job Postings50 usd

Sponsorship elements are served as they come. And there is no special ordering on them.

In the following you can see how the advertisements look like in the newsletter:

Example for a product/service

A Product and Service look like this:

Scheduly - Calendar done right

With Scheduly never miss an appointment, with an app in all the platforms never miss a call or a meeting.

A Product and Service format is straight forward, but keep in mind the next things:

  • Title: No more than 60 characters
  • Paragraph: 300 characters. The better you can explain your service like a tweet the better
  • URL: The url will be in the title of your posting, you can use any link you need, you can even put params on it

I unfortunately cannot do Copy, so I will not be able to suggest better wording in your posting

Example for a job posting

A Job Posting looks like this:

Marketing Advisor in Cyphraium

You will guide the execution and planning of kpis of Cyphraium. Python experience is a plus.

Location: Remote

I strongly suggest to separate the main body and the location like in the example, but keep in mind that you are free to choose the main content and the way it is shown with some limitations and rules:

  • Title: No more than 60 characters, they are in normal capitalization only, example “Job Title at Company Name”
  • Paragraph: 300 characters. The better you can explain your job like a tweet the better
  • Location
  • URL: The url will be in the title of your posting, you can use any link you need, you can even put params on it

I want to sponsor you, How do I reach you?

Shoot us a message to info@cyphraium.com. We will give you our possible slots in the next weeks. Then, once we have agreed, I would need from you:

  1. Advertisement's title
  2. The link where it points to
  3. The body of the paragraph

Billing details

The invoice will be sent from Cyphraium's owner, Ulises Avila. Payment can be done with any method supported by Stripe.

After payment has been confirmed Cyphraium's owner will contact you back with the agreed content and dates of your sponsorship.

Get in touch

Hi! This is Cyphraium's Team. If you need to drop a Hi! you can always send us a mail.

You can also check how to sponsor our newsletter.